Dillon Francis Shines at The Shrine

Dillon Francis brought his “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” tour to The Shrine in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday. It was quite the show. I went on Saturday night and I was surprised to see how crowded it was around 10:30pm. The Shrine was more than three quarters full. It only got more crowded as the night went on. I caught the end of Hoodboi’s set which set the tone for a very wild night.

TJR got things really popping off with his blend of banging electro house. When he dropped “Ass Hypnotized”, the crowd lost it. Girls were twerking, guys were grinding – it was going down.

Then it was time for Dillon Francis to shine. I saw him at Coachella and Hard Summer this year – and those sets were amazing, so I knew we were in for a treat. He opened his set amid cheering and loud screams. Many in the crowd brought signs and posters showing their love for the 27 year old. Dillon ran through songs from his new album, “Money Sucks, Friends Rule,” and also threw in some new remixes like his take on “Runaway” by Galantis.

Then Lily Elise appeared on stage to perform “Hurricane.” She was awesome and the crowd was singing along.

To close out the show, The Chain Gang of 1974 took to the stage to perform “When we were young.” The vibe on Saturday was awesome, the music was amazing and the whole evening confirmed why Dillon Francis never disappoints!

— Jared

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