Dirtyphonics And Samplifire Break Genre Boundaries On “Molitor”

Throughout the history of music, the genre debate has evolved with every new trend. A sound emerges. A fanbase develops. New artists take inspiration from the first sound. The first fanbase defends the original sound with voracious zeal.

“This is tech house, not techno!”

“This is brostep, not riddim!”

Do you know who doesn’t care about the debate one bit? The artists. They make what they like regardless of genre just as Dirtyphonics and Samplifire did on their new single, “Molitor.”

Both collaborators on the track have a history in dubstep, and the first section of “Molitor” succinctly delivers in that regard with heavy, contorted bass and wallop-packing drums.

But then suddenly, the track takes a turn. An exciting breakdown enters, but it doesn’t feature any motifs from the previous sections of the track. It remains heavy, perhaps becomes heavier, but it’s clear something different is coming next.

That something is techno. Hard, grueling kick drums slam into the perimeter walls of the track, pushing boundaries both intrinsically and extrinsically. Genre-snobs could have a field day with this bisecting composition, but music fans will love it through and through.

Listen to “Molitor” from Dirtyphonics and Samplifire in full below:

To listen on all other platforms, click here.

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