Disney Wants Daft Punk To Provide Soundtrack For ‘Tron 3’

Disney has confirmed that the next installment of the Tron series is currently in the works with the announcement of Tron 3. This marks the third movie in the Tron franchise that debuted with Tron in 1982. As a sequel, the hit sci-fi film was followed by Tron: Legacy in 2010 along with the animated series Tron: Uprising in 2013. The original film garnered attention for the sound and light displays that were ahead of its time in terms of technology, later receiving an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. The cult film followed the story of a young computer developer that finds himself transported into a digital world after being pulled into his computer.

Now ten years since the last film, fans of the franchise are awaiting the highly anticipated release of Tron 3 as rumors circle regarding the potential cast, director, plot, and the famed music score that accompanies this series.

In 2010, beloved duo Daft Punk created the score for the film.

Daft Punk is well-known around the world for their modern electronic beats and the personal signature style of the producers, featuring futuristic helmets and suits. Disney is hoping that Daft Punk returns for a collaboration with the latest sequel (the duo has already been approached about the project), considering their music perfectly accompanies the futurist feel of the Tron series.

For now, we will have to wait to see if this pair returns to Hollywood movie scene, but we can certainly hope. In 2014, Avicii remixed one of the iconic tracks from the 2010 soundtrack. You can listen it below.

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