Turn Up At Disney: Dance Party Returns To Theme Park On May 22

Get ready to party.

Disney’s bringing their “Alice in Wonderland” themed night back, featuring a DJ and adult cocktails! That’s right: Mad T Party is returning to Disney’s ‘California Adventure’ on May 22nd. It’s no elecTRONica (the incredibly awesome Tron/ rave-inspired event that was phased out a few years ago), but it will do. Mad T party invites you down the rabbit hole to dance and enjoy a slightly more mature side of Disney’s ‘California Adventure.’ With arcade games and crazy performers, this is one party you must check out. No word yet if it’s going to be on Sunday nights like it was previously.

The party goes down at the Hollywood Studios section of Hollywood Land and Disney invites guests to take part in their 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration when it returns this May. They’re even bringing back the ‘Drink Me’ cocktail club which will offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Turn up at Disney.

Local DJ and Exchange LA resident Adam Auburn provided the tunes on Sundays last time around. We’re not sure if he’s returning, but if he does, we’ll of course let you know!

Take a look at Mad T Party down below, and get ready for some serious fun at Disney this summer.

Source: Disney

  1. I get why this dude is good for Disneyland but he is a resident at Exchange? He just plays POP EDM, not actual good stuff! It makes me sad, been around nearly 16 years just to hear this crap?

  2. Different crowds require different sounds. Just because he is playing “POP EDM” at Disneyland doesn’t mean that he is playing the same tracks during his residency at Exchange.

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