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DJ 4Rain Releases New Single “I Don’t Belong”

Stephan Tavares, best known as DJ 4Rain, has achieved success across the charts with his unique blend of electronic music with his hip-hop background. Over the last few years, the French producer has skyrocketed to fame from his work with Tory Lanez and Meek Mill resulting in Grammy-nominated collaborations in 2017. His work on Meek Mill’s album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” reached the number one spot on Billboard charts along with a double-platinum honor.

Growing up in Cannes along the coast of France, DJ 4Rain honed his style by drawing influence from playing in nightclubs throughout the beautiful French Riviera and Europe. Combed with modern electronic music, DJ 4Rain provides a refreshing twist on the electro hip-hop genre. Eventually moving to the stages of the UK and United States, he met with the sound engineer for Tory Lanez in 2015 and his career took off from there. Two years ago, the renowned producer signed with Sony Music and released his song ‘Whatever’ with a music video that was voted Top 50 for 2018.

Last week, the talented producer released his own latest track ‘I Don’t Belong’ accompanied by an official lyric music video. As with past tracks, DJ 4Rain aims to inspire while creating music that moves the dance floor through positive vibes and upbeat melodies. His latest track does exactly that with a calming yet vibrant beat that is layered with beautiful vocals and catchy lyrics. The track starts off with the lyrics “I wait for an opportunity to escape/I don’t belong here/Oh I have plans to take me miles away/I will get it someday” followed by a lyrical rift through the song that carries an emotive sentiment.

The lyrics combined with the positive vibes is wrapped in the context that humans are here for a fleeting moment on this planet. The lyrics ‘I don’t belong here’ references the fact that humans do not belong to planet Earth and therefore it is up to us to take care of the environment for future generations to enjoy. Our time in this world is brief, so in a time like this we must push for progress because this place belongs to all living beings both present and future.

Check out the ‘I Don’t Belong’ on Spotify and follow DJ 4Rain on the social media links below!

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