Don Diablo’s First Full-Length Concert NFT Sells For $1.25 Million

Don Diablo has sold the world’s first full-length concert NFT for $1.25 million.

Last week we reported that Don Diablo was preparing the world’s first full-length concert NFT, which has now sold for $1.25 million. Diablo’s concert NFT follows his previous GΞNΞSIS NFT and is named ‘DΞSTINATION HΞXAGONIA.’ The NFT was auctioned off last Friday, April 9 on SuperRare, the authentic digital art marketplace.

The full-length audio-visual experience is an entire hour of exclusive visuals and music that Diablo and his team have spent months preparing, editing, and strategizing. The inspiration for the design comes from Diablo’s love for Star Wars which helped aid in the visual design work for the NFT.

The only copy of the first full-length concert NFT will be accessible to the sole individual who paid $1.25 million for it. A large portion of the proceeds will go to Diablo’s HEXAGON Foundation which will help artists create and sell their virtual art.

Watch the trailer for Don Diablo’s first-ever full-length concert NFT below.

Feature Photo – Electrobeach 

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