Dr. Fauci – Live Music May Be Back This Fall

The man, the myth, the legend – Dr. Fauci, announced via a virtual conference this past Saturday that live musical events may occur sometime in the fall of 2021. According to The New York Times, American authorities will have to vaccinate between 70-85% of the population which in turn will create herd immunity. Fauci claims that if this is done, “We will have people back in theaters – performers will be performing and audiences will be enjoying it.”

Although it is still up in the air whether live musical events may return come fall of this year, Fauci has given us a boost of confidence with his reassuring claims. Hopefully, the doctor is correct, and we can return to live musical events by the end of this year. 

Source – The New York Times
Feature Photo – KJevin Dietsch – Bloomberg


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