Duke Dumont’s Bringing ‘DUALITY LIVE’ To Coachella April 17 & 24

Duke Dumont has created an illustrious career that has taken him around the world many times over and placed him in the top tier of electronic music artists. He has poured his love for dance music into various releases, moving through pumping electro and vibrant music to dominate the UK Charts. Duke Dumont hit the Billboard Dance Chart No.1 with seven singles, including “The Power,” “Won’t Look Back” and “Ocean Drive.”

Duke Dumont’s 2020 album DUALITY  is the product of his years of experience and a desire to embody his true artistry, free from the shackles of genre specifics. Helped out by the timeless hit “Ocean Drive,” the album has achieved over one billion streams globally. DUALITY’s 10 songs are split into two halves, one dancefloor-oriented and one introspective. Duke Dumont is bringing his extraordinary ‘DUALITY LIVE’ show to Coachella Sunday, April 17 & 24, 2022. Besides Duke Dumont’s production and a brilliant array of vocal features, DUALITY also incorporates live string arrangements, guitar players, drummers, and stunning piano work.

“My aim was to create an electronic opera, with polar opposite themes that come together as one. The show on one hand has authoritative elements demonstrated on the song ‘OBEY’, to the polar opposite being the freedom and oneness that is experienced on the song ‘Together.’”

A production masterpiece responsible for a catalog that includes international chart-topping hits and multiple Grammy nominations, Duke Dumont can deconstruct and reconstruct his music which is not possible with DJing. By having instant access to loops of sounds & synthesizers Dumont will perform with a wide variety of gear from custom modular synths and Moogs to a TR 808, vocoder, and more. The duality theme occurs on two levels – visually and audibly. Dumont will perform between two-layer optics from the dual-LED wall structure and interaction between the screens in addition to the actual visuals themselves.

Listen to Duke Dumont’s DUALITY album here: Duke Dumont – Duality

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