Fyre Festival Founder Launches Podcast From Prison

The mega fraud behind the disastrous Fyre Festival is back at with a new podcast “Dumpster Fyre.” Billy McFarland, the man behind all of the mischief, is currently spending time in prison for wire fraud.

Th 2017 festival was heard around the world for it’s false advertising and “apocalyptic” conditions. He’s currently owes roughly $26M in restitution.

“I’m not going to hide behind my mistakes, I’m going to share everything that happened”  he said in clip of the podcast obtained by DailyMail.com. The podcast will feature recordings from phone conversations he’s had while in prison and he hopes the podcast will allow him to tell “his side of the story.”

“Dumpster Fyre” is set to launch on October 20th and Billy plans on using any profits towards his restitution.

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