Dutch Government To Allow Large-Scale Events By End Of June

Dutch Government
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Starting June 30, one-day festivals and other ticketed events will be allowed to take place

The Dutch government has announced the return of large-scale events, which may include events being held at 100% capacity in just a few more months. According to the Dutch government, attendees will still have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test but will not have to follow previous social distancing measures.  Attendees will also not be required to wear a face mask at such events.

A lot of information and data regarding hosting large-scale events in Europe has been collected by Fieldlab, which was created by both the events sector and the Dutch government. The vision of Fieldlab has stayed the same throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, “to develop validated building blocks, which form proof of the safe and reliable approach needed.” Using the collected data from these tests, Fieldlab has been able to determine a safe re-opening procedure for large-scale, single day events.

It is also being reported that multi-day large-scale events will likely occur starting on July 29. This will give events ample time to plan and prepare events that will last longer than one day. Once multi-day large-scale events can occur, attendees will be required to be tested regularly throughout the course of the event.

Source – IamExpat

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