Artist Radar: EAZYBAKED Interview

EAZYBAKED by Jason Siegel

New Year, New EAZYBAKED: Interviewing Duo EAZYBAKED

Florida-based dynamic duo, EAZYBAKED has started to pick up steam in the experimental bass scene. They are known for their charisma, down-to-earth personalities, and unique sound. We had the chance to talk with EAZYBAKED about what they’ve been up to and their upcoming album, ‘INTERTWINED‘.

EDM Maniac: Hey, guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today! Happy New Year! How has your first couple of weeks in 2022 been?

EAZYBAKED: The first couple of weeks have been great! :) We’re finally rolling out this album and getting some time in with family // starting new ideas!
EAZYBAKED by Jason Siegel
EDM Maniac: You have a single called “Simulated” that you put out just last week! Can you tell us about that?
EAZYBAKED: Yes, “Simulated” is the second single from the album and a tune we have been sitting on for a WHILE now! Stoked to have it out to the world!
EDM Maniac: I understand that this track is a part of your album, ‘INTERTWINED‘, that comes out later in March! Congratulations! Can you tell us about the album and what it means to you?
EAZYBAKED: This album means everything to us haha, it’s our brainchild. We feel like this is our best work to date.
EDM Maniac: What was your favorite part about making it?
EAZYBAKED: Our favorite part of making this album would just have to be just blowing our own minds with what we were writing, we really tried pushing ourselves and our sound and we feel we did just that!
EDM Maniac: What was the most challenging part?
EAZYBAKED: The most challenging part would have to be mixing down 10 songs and knowing when to say goodbye to them!
EDM Maniac: Do you have any other projects you are working on?
EAZYBAKED: Always writing music but kinda just stacking ideas and giving ourselves a bit of creative freedom!
EDM Maniac: It’s amazing what you guys have already accomplished, performing at EDC Orlando and Okeechobee. What are your goals for 2022?
EAZYBAKED: Our goals for 2022 are to release a TON of music, play this album all over the country (and out of the country), and hopefully land some big festival slots ::)
EDM Maniac: That’s fantastic! Always aim high! Thanks again for your time and I wish you the best this year!

‘INTERTWINED’ will be out for everyone to enjoy on March 4th. Click here to pre-save the album now! To listen to “Simulated”, click here.

Click here to learn more about EAZYBAKED on their website. To stay updated with EAZYBAKED, follow them on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

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