EDC Las Vegas Will Return In May Of 2022

Recently, Insomniac‘s founder, Pasquale Rotella, confirmed that EDC Las Vegas will return in May of 2022. Rotella shared this information in an email sent to current EDC Las Vegas ticket holders.

Many who currently have tickets first purchased them for May of 2020. Those tickets were then rolled over to May of 2021 before finally settling on October of 2021. Throughout all the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Rotella has been working tirelessly to not only keep his company afloat, but to ensure that attendees are able to enjoy Insomniac events to the fullest.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining us Under The Electric Sky in 2021,” Rotella said in the email. “I know it’s been a rough couple of years getting to this point, but I’m excited to know we’ll all be reunited once again on the dance floor and celebrating 25 years of EDC in October!”

On top of his candor in speaking directly to ticket holders, Rotella has promised all current EDC Las Vegas ticket holders an Insomniac token that is worth one free one-day pass to any of 15 other Insomniac events of their choice.

Many of these events are legacy Insomniac festivals like Beyond Wonderland SoCal and EDC Orlando, but there are also a few surprises on the list. For example, the final item is Countdown Campout. Given that Countdown SoCal is still present, Countdown Campout must be a new NYE event from Insomniac.

Check out the full list of events for which Insomniac is offering a free single day ticket below, and get presale tickets to EDC Las Vegas 2022 here.

Featured image by Alive Coverage

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