Eddie & One True God Release Sinster Mid-Tempo Single “Think About”

Eddie and One True God know how to kick off spooky season as they release the deep dark bass-influenced single “Think About” on Deadbeats.

Bringing more than just music, these two producers have one thing in common and it’s the statement they make within their presence.

Australian-born and raised, Eddie, also known as, Edwin Beganovic, has set out on a mission to bring electro-house back to the foundation of dance music, and he is doing just that with deep tempos, heavy basslines, and a dark feel creating a hypnotic taste he calls his own.

It was a no-brainer for Beganovic to partner up with Canadian-born, LA-based, producer and vocalist, One True God, also known as Alan Notkin. Tapping into the darker side, Notkin gets the name from satanic religious notions of enlightenment, “We are our own God.”

Notkin gives the electronic community something different to understand and explore. He has mastered the ability to add an upbeat feel to mid-tempo, keeping the bass present that goes flawlessly with his subliminal visuals making his shows something everyone is craving to see.

When they join forces, Notkin brings in the high notes with a sinister rhythm in his vocals, as Beganovic creates a wrath of dark energy bringing us a four-on-the-floor style beat keeping the classic mid-tempo essence both artists surround themselves with.

Listen to “Think About” By Eddie & One True God here now

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