How The Dance Music Community Has Stepped Up During Quarantine

Although events and gatherings have been shut down indefinitely, the leaders of the EDM community have stepped up to stay connected to the community during the lockdown. 

First of all, I know we are all thankful to those organizing virtual music festivals. Insomniac has taken streaming to the next level with weekly rave-a-thon’s and a 24/7 channel of sets from Insomniac festivals, DJs like Morgan Page are streaming times a week, the list goes on! There are so many new live streams each week to keep us entertained that it’s hard to keep up with them all! Most of these sets are later uploaded for those who miss it or want to re-watch their favorite sets. These streams are a great opportunity to expand our musical horizons; like in a real festival, we are bound to find a new artist that we like. 

Not only are these live streams meant for the enjoyment of our ears, but also as a means of fundraising. Organizers have gone above and beyond by raising donations from viewers to help those in need during the virus crisis. For example, Brownies and Lemonade’s Digital Mirage Online Music Festival raised $253,168 for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to aid music industry professionals financially affected by the current pandemic. Room Service Music Festival, hosted by YouTube channels Chill Nation and Trap Nation, raised donations for the same charity and for Feeding America. In addition, Beatport’s ReConnect Global Music Event provided a 24-hr live broadcast of music where viewers donated to the Association For Electronic Music Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. This upcoming weekend, DreamWorld Online Charity Music Festival will give 100% of proceeds to The Heart Water Foundation to provide emergency resources to facilities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is incredible to see the amount of support that people have for each other during this time. 

Moreover, the music industry is making sure to support its employees despite the circumstances. Many companies are offering employee relief funds to continue giving workers a paycheck even though they may temporarily be out of a job. Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles has raised close to $40,000 through their GoFundMe to give back to staff. Tao Group has closed their 48 venues, leaving hundreds of employees unemployed. By creating the nonprofit Tao Cares, over 500 people have donated money to ensure that those employees are still taken care of.

We have to hand it to the EDM community for all that they do. Thank you for always being there for us and improving our quality of life! We are all dreaming of the day we can be together again.

*Featured image from Insomniac

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