EDM Maniac Announces Weekly Upcoming Talent Showcase

Every day people send us new music asking to be “featured” or “shared” on our website. But up until today, we couldn’t identify how to properly showcase talent. Today however, we’re very happy to announce the start of a Weekly Upcoming Talent Showcase feature right on our website.

Interested individuals can now submit their mixes and new music to EDM Maniac for a chance to be featured on our website and social media networks.

Starting soon, you’ll see an UPCOMING TALENT menu on our home page. This is where we will feature a new mix or new track by an upcoming artist. We encourage our audience to check out the artist’s music and follow them on their journey as they make music for the world to enjoy.

“The future is in the hands of our generation.”

We fully believe that the next big DJ or producer is amongst us, or perhaps somewhere in their room at home or garage making inspiring music. We hope we can be an anchor to rising talent and help further their dreams and ambitions to create great Electronic Music.

Starting today, you can email talentshowcase@edmmaniac.com with the  below information to be featured on EDM Maniac:

  1. Your full name /  artist name
  2. City, state, country
  3. DJ/producer, both?
  4. In 200 words, tell us about your music style and origins.
  5. What are your career dreams with music?
  6. Who/what inspired you to pursue electronic music?
  7. Social media links (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  8. A hi-resolution image of you or your logo
  9. Please do not attach any music files. Please include a direct link to your music ONLINE. 

Please only submit if you have included all of the information above.

If an artist is selected to be featured, they will be notified of next steps and when to look out for their music in our Talent Showcase.

We are really excited to hear and discover some new music and we hope EDM Maniac’s new Weekly Talent Showcase will help our audience continue to create, inspire and share their work.

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