EDM Maniac Announces Exclusive Community And Enters The World Of Discord

Calling all ravers, festival goers, and dance music lovers alike, EDM Maniac is joining the world of Discord for connecting and sharing with like-minded EDM maniacs all over the world.

Connect with fellow ravers on all things electronic music or otherwise to create a community of supportive and knowledgeable online friends.

What is Discord?

Typically associated with gamers or Twitch streamers, Discord has gained popularity in the dance music community due to its direct access to artists, labels, and promoters and its ability to connect separately from social media.

With a simple channel interface that is similar to the popular work application Slack, Discord users can join channels related to their interests in festivals, tips, and content.

Get notified when EDM Maniac creates content related to your favorite festival, shares travel hacks, or posts a giveaway. Or chat about your favorite TV shows and hear directly from our friends and partners at Home Bass, Radiate, or Groove Cruise.

What Can You Expect?

  • Chats with some of the savviest electronic maniacs on the internet
  • A searchable library or our EDM Maniac pro tips and resources
  • A way to directly discuss and contribute to our famous Festival Report Card series
  • Expert-level and exclusive group chats
  • Free giveaways of tickets and other surprises
  • Gaming sessions and hangout sessions with artists including AMAs
  • A private Insomniac Passport Member only chat
  • Access to the EDM Maniac Guest List (coming soon)

You can also connect directly to the EDM Maniac team to offer suggestions via our Server Suggestions Channel.

Going to Home Bass this weekend? Join our Home Bass Discord channel to make friends, plan set schedules, and be treated to exclusive surprises just for our EDM Maniac fam.

Did you know that there’s even an EDM Maniac Lounge at Home Bass? Join the Discord channel and join our exclusive Home Bass/EDM Maniac community.

The EDM Maniac Discord is run by our head admin and Berkeley graduate Pooja Shah, whose eight years of internet compliance audits and history of going to over 30 festivals a year make her the perfect combo of internet wizard and electronic music lover.

She’s been to every festival under the sun and ran the Live Nation and Insomniac Passport meetups for years, meaning she’s well-versed in bringing the rave community together.

When asked about what makes connection in the rave community so important, she said, “Community is the greatest survival skill mankind has ever created. If you want to increase your event experience, invest in creating a community. All we have is each other at the end of the day and that makes humans different from other creatures. Community is the natural evolution of the internet.” 

Join our EDM Maniac community on Discord and be a part of a special group of PLUR people by clicking the Discord link here.


Featured image from Groove Cruise, second image from EDM Maniac, third image from Home Bass

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