How Dance Music United My Brother and I Amidst Tragedy

How Dance Music United My Brother and I Amidst Tragedy

To some, electronic dance music is a hobby, to some, a party, and to some, a massive influence. I belong to the group of people that has been massively influenced by EDM, and here’s why. My journey towards a full understanding of the music and the culture involved loss of a brother, and the gaining of an impenetrable bond with my other brother, who has been my electronic music mentor and who gained the strength to come out to me through listening to this music. Here is our story, as I’m sure many of you will be able to relate, and we’ll catch you guys dancing in front of a stage sometime soon.

Sea of White

Fully expecting to be the only ones dressed all in white, Evan and I were thrilled to fit right into the sea of ivory, for everyone in Denny’s was there for the same reason, and the sense of unity already hit me as we walked out of the door following the trail of people decked in white to the promised land. With a small backpack containing only our change of clothes, shampoo, and phone chargers, the bare essentials for after the pandemonium, we arrived at the Wal-Mart across the street from the Sun Life stadium and hid our belongings in a bush behind the store, for we had not locked down a place to stay for the night, since we were too young to book our own hotel room. The journey we were about to partake in did not require the accompaniment of earthly possessions.

Okay, we brought our phones, tickets, and IDs, but that’s it. I handed Evan his ID and our brother Lucas’ ID fell out of my wallet. Lucas had passed away a year before from cancer

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Kaley Anderson

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