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Élia Beach Club: Your New Vegas Oasis

Why Élia Beach Club is Your Go-To Oasis in Vegas

Everyone in Vegas has been talking about the new kid in town, Élia Beach Club. There are many reasons why Élia Beach Club has been the hot topic since they first opened their shiny doors earlier this year. Élia, located in Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, has become a triple threat in not only great ambiance and stellar music but also down to their work ethic! We sat down with Élia’s owners and discussed all about what made Élia so successful in just a few months. Here is what makes this beach club your new go-to Vegas oasis.

Elia Interior

Opening a new club during the COVID-19 pandemic comes with a number of challenges. However, that did not stop the owners of this beach club. Élia Beach Club opened its doors to the public in June and has been flooding with eager guests from the very start. Why? It might have to do with the refreshing alternative approach to beach clubs. Instead of your typical Vegas day club vibe, Élia emphasizes an easy-going atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Élia Beach Club Decor

What makes up the relaxed yet vibrant feel of this club are the Mykonos-inspired decorations, Mediterranean-colored pool, and the immersive floor plan. Enjoy an açaí bowl or sip on fresh coconuts in the comfort of your cabana! Every guest is offered an accessible and welcoming experience because the entire venue oozes luxury. It’s like being transported to Mykonos without leaving Vegas!

Pool View at Élia Beach Club

Another reason why there may be lines out the entrance at Élia Beach Club may be due to the notable DJs that have graced the straw-thatched stage. Élia holds a very high standard when it comes to music. Guest performers include deadmau5, Lane 8, SNBRN, Sofi Tukker and many more!

Elia Stage and Front Row Seating

The beach club constantly bumps house music throughout the day, which only adds to the Mykonos-themed experience, and not only do they have world famous DJs playing at the club but they also live bongo players, trumpet players, and a variety of other live musical elements. Guests won’t want to stop dancing!

This is an oasis not only for guests and music artists but also for its employees! One of their core values is health and wellness. At the first team meeting, the entire staff at Élia participated in a yoga session and set their intentions for an amazing first year.

Yoga at Élia Beach Club

The staff is also guided through a 5-10 minute breath/empowerment/stretch/meditation session every day. This allows the staff to get into a positive state and walk into their days feeling like their best selves. The owners of Élia explain that the reason behind their health and wellness sessions is because “the experience at Élia starts with us, the staff”.

Health and wellness is also emphasized with guests. Every Saturday guests can enjoy Élia’s brand new fitness program, “The Reset” for free! AND participants who stay at the venue after the yoga sessions are able to attend the DJ set festivities at no extra cost as long as they get in before 11 am.

“The Reset” at Élia Beach Club

Élia also promotes health and wellness with fun and relaxing activities such as body painting, massages, and hair braiding inside the venue!

So, what’s next for this already successful club? Élia will be closing out its last weekend of the season with a colossal splash during EDC Week. Their last program of the season will feature Above & Beyond, deadmau5, and more! The owners of Élia have hinted that there will also be twists in the music from time to time, which means we will definitely be on the lookout and anxious to see what Élia has in store for guests EDC Week.

deadmau5 at Élia for EDC Week 2021

All in all, Élia Beach Club is the day club to hit whenever you find yourself in Las Vegas. Come for the experience and leave with exceeded expectations. Make Élia your go-to oasis.


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