Elon Musk Is Tesla’s New ‘Technoking’

Elon Musk has become Tesla’s new ‘Technoking.’

In a recent filing with the SEC, Elon Musk has added a new title to Tesla, ‘Technoking of Tesla.’ The filing also states that CFO Zach Kirkhorn has taken on the title of ‘Master of Coin.’ Both executives will keep their current titles, but will also take on these new ones. Musk’s title used to be the chairman of Tesla, but due to his controversial tweets in 2018, it was stripped from him. The SEC was initially supposed to completely strip him of his CEO title but ended up settling for a $20 million fine. Musk ended up handing over the chairman title instead.

Elon Musk has continued to stress the various safety precautions that Tesla has taken in regards to COVID-19. As Musk continues to push the company forward amidst the pandemic he will do so under a brand new title, ‘Technoking of Tesla.”‘

Source – CNN

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