Elon Musk Is Using The Same Name As An Established Party For His Next Tesla Rave: Cyber Rodeo

Elon Musk recently announced another rave to open the next Tesla gigafactory in Austin, Texas. The event is called Cyber Rodeo, which is the same name as an established party brand based in California.

A google search of the term “Cyber Rodeo” sees a litany of news pieces surrounding Musk’s upcoming party at the top, but the next link down is the Instagram for the event series. Presumably, the Instagram would have been the first link before Musk made the announcement.

The Instagram account has been active since January 9, 2019 (Musk announced his party on March 26, 2022), and throughout those three years the brand has held residencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles in addition to hosting events all over the US.

One of the party’s founders, Jordan Deherrera, also produces music under the moniker, performing alongside artists like Dillon Francis, Fisher, and Travis Barker.

The brand is an event arm of the LA-based record label Popgang Records, which recently celebrated 10 years and has released music from many known artists including HoneyLuv, Wenzday, and Mary Droppinz.

Throughout the history of the music industry, corporate players have used their money and influence to drown out smaller entities. A classic example is Pearl Jam’s lawsuit against Ticketmaster. Even a prominent rock band couldn’t defeat the major corporate ticket vendor service, which to this day is still operating with clandestine practices.

In light of the scenario, there is an opportunity for the multi-billionaire to use his money and influence to promote the independent brand of Cyber Rodeo. Whether he takes that opportunity only time will tell.


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