Evolving EDM: Techno Duo Giolí & Assia Drop Moon Faces EP

Consistent with their nature of embracing individuality and pushing the boundaries of dance music norms, Giolí & Assia has released their brand new Moon Faces EP on Ultra Records. Their 5 songs are melodically intertwined with a distinct narrative matching the phases of the moon. The tracks are layered with their unique blend of indie, techno, and sultry voices, creating a completely authentic sound that is bound to be played on repeat. Their fresh take on techno and jaw-dropping visuals create a complete music experience that is unprecedented in the industry.

“We titled it ‘Moon Faces’ because that concept characterizes the EP. It will make listeners understand the connection between all five tracks.” The pair continued, “Of course, our signature sounds are always there. It’s always our signature sound, but we feel it’s always evolving and improving. We are still learning and growing every day. Same thing for the style, these songs are different, but also they’re our best evolution. We don’t want to put limits of genres and sounds on our creative process.” – Giolì & Assia

The duo has become a viral sensation with their monthly #DiesisLive sessions. What makes these sessions so groundbreaking is not just the music. The pair has traveled the world finding the most incredible locations to bring the beauty of nature and the lust for travel back into our lives. Don’t just take our word for it, watch with the 17 million other people who have loved their show on the top of an active volcano at the Aeolian Islands in Sicily.

The Italian duo was always destined for success, and the charts prove it. Since their debut, Giolí & Assia have gained over 68 million YouTube streams. They have taken over the Spotify platform with almost 10 million streams and listings on charts such as “Mint”, “Dance Rising”, and “New Music Friday Italia”. But they haven’t just caught Spotify’s attention, they have been recognized as tastemakers by L.A. Weekly, Spin, Time, and TMRW Magazine. This December, they were even included in SiriusXM BPM’s inaugural EMPOWERED Virtual Festival. From Italy to the United States, and everywhere in between, Giolí & Assia are making waves.

Featured photo by Giolí & Assia

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