Uber and Facebook Are Giving Everyone Free $20 Rides

Did Christmas just come early? Because Facebook and Uber just gave out a cool little gift.

RIGHT NOW you can get a $20 Uber credit, even if you aren’t a first time rider! This is perfect if you are planning on drinking during the holidays – or if you are simply headed out to your favorite club this weekend.

So, how do you get this FREE $20 credit? Well, you just need to download the newest version of the Facebook Messenger app, and request a ride through the app. Uber is testing out a cool new feature that will let you request rides through other apps. This is a pretty cool way to get even more people onboard with the Uber service and you’ll be able to request a ride without even leaving your current conversation on FB Messenger.

The first time you request a ride through the FB Messenger app, you’ll get that $20 credit. Hurry, because this is for a limited time. You can find more information from Facebook here.


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