Feed Me Will Release Self-Titled Album This Friday! Listen To The Lead Single, “Reckless”

Jon Gooch, most commonly known by his stage name Feed Me, will release his self-titled album this Friday, August 13. This will be his fifth LP across a long history of producing innovating dance music in a wide variety of genres. His most recent long-player before this was his 2019 offering High Street Creeps which came out on mau5trap in 2019.

High Street Creeps saw Gooch touch on his affinity for electro house that’s been present in his catalog since day one. As of now, the only clue as to what expect from Feed Me in terms of sound is the new single “Reckless” which features Gooch’s frequent collaborator Tasha Baxter.

Rather than the biting, high energy styles that populate Gooch’s sets, “Reckless” is a sweeping electronic ballad. Having worked with Baxter before on tracks like “Cloudburn” and “Strange Behavior,” the two know exactly how to align, using their unique talents to serve one another. Baxter’s vocals soar above while the widescreen synths and kingsize drums lift her even higher.

Feed Me will be out Friday, August 13. Watch the full video for “Reckless” below

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