Monstercat Producer Feint Releases New Track “Do Better”

In an effort to brighten the atmosphere as we delve further into 2021, Feint has released his first track of the year via renowned record label Monstercat. Appropriately titled “Do Better,” the track simultaneously creates an overwhelming wave of pure emotion in a refreshingly energetic way. As a longtime Monstercat label veteran, this marks the seventeenth original release by Feint. Known for his entirely unique twist on traditional drum & bass, the UK-born producer once again showcases his talent with this latest track.

“Do Better” is a captivating track that effortlessly blends a beautiful, ethereal melody and harmonious vocals over a high-energy beat. Accompanied by harder-hitting drum & bass elements, the track is uplifting and emotive while maintaining a beat made for the dance floor. Throughout the song, the lyrics mention how “we can do better,” which is a message the world certainly needs after a dark year. According to Feint, he wanted to create “something uplifting for troubled times- we can and will do better, together.” He perfectly incorporated that sentiment with this track, making it an incredible anthem for this year. To checkout the track and more by Feint, head here!

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