Festival Report Card

Festival Report Card: Lost Lands 2023

Lost Lands, also known as dubstep Disneyland, is one of the most well-known festivals for bass lovers.

Year after year, Excision and his team produce Lost Lands with high expectations from their die-hard fan base, and year after year, they succeed in living up to or exceeding our expectations.

This year was no different. We were transported back to prehistoric times, surrounded by dinosaurs, lasers, and some of the best bass to bless our ears. This Lost Lands was one to remember. Read our full report card below:

Image credit Luis Colato

Music: A

Alongside headliners like SVDDEN DEATH, Subtronics, Wooli, Excision, ATLiens, and Sullivan King doing what they do best, there was also some diversity amongst the lineup this year.

Representation from other sub-genres of EDM included artists such as Reaper, Sub Focus, Koven, Dimension, and Netsky repping the D&B, as well as ACRAZE, BIJOU, Dombresky, and Wax Motif repping some house.

Artists such as INFEKT, HOL!, Bear Grillz, and SISTO got us covered with the riddim, and the wubs and wonks were provided by Boogie T, Ganja White Night, and TVBOO.

All of our favorite artists slayed, and we loved hearing techno and hardstyle as a nice change of pace. It’s been so intriguing to see how the Lost Lands lineup is becoming more and more diverse. We can’t wait to see what next year’s lineup brings.

Venue: B+

Oh, Ohio! Who knew the things you could do?

Excision really went all out this year, and we truly felt transported back to prehistoric times. The layout between this year and last year did change a bit but still worked well in the festival goers’ favor.

We absolutely loved the new upgrades such as the bridge for crossing the street and extra security lanes at the festival entrance, as it created less congestion. We all genuinely appreciate when festivals like Lost Lands listen to our suggestions and find practical solutions.

An interesting tidbit to note was security didn’t check bags. They had updated security devices that would beep if tripped, and only then would security personnel physically go through your bag. This was in both GA and VIP entrances.

We would have only liked to see closer bathrooms to the Wompy Woods stage. If there was a way to put bathrooms next to the small bar set up stage left, it would’ve made an enormous difference.

We want to acknowledge how nice it was to have so much room. This venue provides us headbangers with such a large area at the main stages that even for some of our most anticipated sets, we could move around with no problem.

One thing to note about this venue is the terrain. Most stages are set on grass, with Wompy Woods and the pit of the Prehistoric Stage as the exception. With the loose rocks and dust, make sure you’re careful maneuvering your way through the crowd.

In addition, be prepared with the right shoes, as this venue has some hills sure to get those dogs barking in the wrong footwear.

Image credit DI Visuals

Vibes: A

Lost Land’s vibes are unmatched.

With almost everyone you run into, there’s a smile, a “happy Lost Lands”, and usually a trinket there waiting for you. People moving through crowds say, “excuse me,” and ravers help ravers get up in mosh pits. The vibes were all good ones.

Although there were reports of phone theft and a few people going over their limits, which is always possible at these larger events, more than a few of our team members who attended said they felt safer at this festival than any other.

A big part was crowd control, good people with good energy, and the luxury of room to dance and vibe at every set and stage.

However, due to the stages having lots of room, it sparked a considerable debate amongst festival goers as they consider the best spots for inflatable couches, with some people saying they’re a safety hazard. There should be a specific area for couches, and others say it’s part of the festival experience to set up just anywhere (even in the crowds).

Production: A-

Holy smokes, and I mean that, literally!

Excision came to make a statement as his opening ceremony was one of the most magical moments to date.

The new stage stirred conversation as opinions were split between whether the stage was an absolute upgrade or whether the two pterodactyls took away focus and opportunity for visuals on the screens.

With production aspects like smoke, lasers, pyro, and fireworks, Excision and the Lost Lands team outdid themselves this year. The Prehistoric and Wompy Woods stages had pyro and fireworks going off day and night, making every set one to remember.

Visuals and sound quality were top-tier throughout the weekend. However, we heard some complaints about the sound bleed surrounding Wompy Woods.

But what can you expect with bass this heavy?!

On another note, more miniature stages like Subsidia had trouble with CDJs melting in the Ohio heat. Still, quickly, the production team found a solution, and all was well to continue.

Regardless, this year’s production was top-notch, and we’re excited to see what creative ways Excision and the Lost Lands team will top it next year.

Image credit DI Visuals

Overall: A-

Overall, the EDM Maniac team would 100% go again. Even the ones who aren’t bass heads!

Pack your walking shoes because you’ll want to walk around and check out all the production and diversity at each stage. With fireworks, pyro, and lasers galore, no matter which stage you were at, you sure were in for a treat.

Music was also on point as each artist, headliner, and undercard brought their A-game this year. The good vibes were noticeable as headbangers shared their love for bass. This made for a wild weekend filled with smiles and memories made to last a lifetime.

Featured image credit DI Visuals

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