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Festival Report Card: Tomorrowland Belgium 2022

Our first-ever #FestivalReportCard A+ grade! After nearly three years, the iconic Tomorrowland festival returned for three legendary weekends.

After what felt like an eternity, thousands of people from across the globe united again in the beautiful natural surroundings outside Antwerp, Belgium.

This was actually our 5th time attending Tomorrowland, and it was probably our favorite edition ever. From the stunning, futuristic MainStage, to the incredible glamping experiences, Tomorrowland once again proved why it is one of the most in-demand festivals in the world.

This year, the festival debuted one of our favorite stages, a futuristic world with the theme “The Reflection of Love.”

The stage was a futuristic kingdom, with striking attention to detail. Every inch of the MainStage served a purpose and a meaning. Everything from Zodiac signs to dozens of people marching out during the open ceremony, the MainStage delivered high energy, stunning fireworks displays, and a dazzling light show. It felt like something out of a movie.

At the end of the evening during the closing ceremony, the Tomorrowland voice said that we should remember life’s moments and “Those who are no longer with us.”

This was a beautiful way to honor and recognize the lives lost during the pandemic. It was a touching moment that we will never forget.

Tomorrowland has nearly 15 stages, some are even built on water, with bridges connecting the entire festival. There are even DJs in and outside of the bathrooms (which, by the way, are the cleanest we’ve EVER seen at a festival).

Everywhere you go at Tomorrowland you can experience artists big and small, but also incredible energy from the over 200+ countries that are in attendance.

The festival prides itself on having a diverse audience. You meet people from all over the world at every corner, and everyone is passionate about Tomorrowland.

Vibes: A+

What makes Tomorrowland so special is the people that come from all around the world with their love and passion for dance music, and each other. Tomorrowland, without question, is an international melting pot of vibrant dance music lovers who come to the festival with massive energy.

Every year, Tomorrowland ensures a diverse range of attendees through their ticketing system. They make it so that people from every country are able to buy tickets. This brings an incredible amount of diversity to the festival, which is difficult to emulate elsewhere. everyone is extremely kind, welcome, and very happy to be at Tomorrowland.

Production: A+

Tomorrowland is well-known for its attention to detail around every corner of the festival. The organization meticulously ensures that everything matches this “magical world.” Everything from the trash cans and ticket packaging, to the designs of the massive stages, are all carefully thought out.

After three years, Tomorrowland returned with one of the most spectacular mainstages the world has ever seen. The detail on the stage was extraordinary! You could spend 20 minutes just looking at the stage and all of the nuances.

The lights/LASERS were spectacular, using state-of-the-art technology, and at night the whole festival turned into a glowing dance music utopia. No stone was left unturned. Tomorrowland focuses on all the details and leaves you in awe!

Music A+

Most DJs dream of playing at Tomorrowland. It’s a bucket list item for some, so when they get the chance, they bring all of the energy they’ve got. This year was no exception! We saw high-energy performances from Tale of Us, Alesso, Martin Garrix, Charlotte de Witte, and many more over three iconic weekends.

Tomorrowland even hosted Eric Prydz‘s hologram show, and it was spectacular. At Tomorrowland, you can expect a variety of different sounds across over 12+ of the stages. There’s a bit of something for everyone.

Venue: A+

Tomorrowland is nestled in a beautiful park in Belgium. The festival stretches out of the park and through the local town community. It’s a unique atmosphere, but there’s a lot of walking!

The festival is equal to the size of over 60 football fields and the campgrounds are even larger. You can expect long walks back to camp. However, that’s the least of most worries as people at Tomorrowland are just happy to be there.

Some stages are built over water, and there are bridges connecting them. At night, everything glows and lights up! It’s beautiful to see what they do with every inch of the venue, transforming this park into another world. You truly leave the real world behind!

Overall: A+

Overall, there’s no place like Tomorrowland. The people, the music, and the attention to detail (and extremely clean bathrooms!) make this a festival unlike any other. Everything is so carefully designed, and they pay attention to all of the small things most festivals ignore.

With Michelin-status restaurants, state-of-the-art stages, and people from all over the world, Tomorrowland is the gold standard when it comes to music festivals. There’s something about being around so many international people on the holy grounds of Tomorrowland… it’s indescribable. If you’re looking for the ultimate festival experience, Tomorrowland is it! Add this one to your list.

All images provided by Tomorrowland

Written by
Devin Lezama

Hi, I'm Devin! I'm from New York City but now spend my time in sunny Los Angeles attending shows and festivals. I'm also the founder of EDM Maniac.

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