First Round Of Artists Announced For Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has received the title for the world’s largest festival and business conference for electronic music. They have just announced their first round of artists and we couldn’t be more ready.

The event will run from October 17-21 and will include a plethora of programs including photography, film, and art as well as displaying the latest trends in technology. The ADE director Richard Zijlma spoke out and claimed,

“We’re almost at the point of reaching the magical 400,000 visitors mark, and we still see lots of opportunities to grow. ADE aims to be a world stage for musical talent and the music industry. With visitors from more than 100 countries now you can confidently claim that Amsterdam is truly the beating heart of the worldwide music industry during ADE, while being at the same time a breading ground for cultural and technological innovation for five days and nights.”

Aside from these incredible stats, the ADE Beats program which draws in fans of hip-hop has had rapid growth as well. In 2017, ADE brought in more than 2,500 artists and 550 speakers from a record breaking 160 locations.

Check out the first selection of artists below. To learn more about this unique event, click here!

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