Former WME Chief Announces SaveLive Initiative To Save Venues

As we all unfortunately know, the music industry has taken a huge hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Small and independent venues were the first to close and will seemingly be the last to reopen. Although there is a $10 billion act “Save Our Stages” in progress between Congress, the outlook for this disaster remains alarming.

Former WME music chief Marc Geiger is devastated to see the decline of our venues and is deciding to do something about it. Geiger’s announced a plan to invest in small clubs in which he would likely gain a 51% ownership in these venues.

One of my favorite things in the world is to go to a club, be treated well and see an incredible band. So I thought, ‘OK, I’m going to raise a bunch of money and I’m going to backstop all these clubs. I’m going to be a bailout solution for the, and I’m going to call the company SaveLive.

Geiger, 58

His plan for SaveLive will invest millions in dozens of clubs around the country and will help them expand into regional forces once concerts return to fruition, which may not happen until 2022. Around 90% of America’s independent music venues are expected to shut down within the next few months if they don’t receive this aid.

Click this page to see how you can help save our venues.

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