Festivals May Return To France This Summer

France is the first major European market to outline a framework for the return of summer festivals to be held in its country this year. Despite the pandemic, the Minister of Culture of the French Republic outlined a $30 million compensation fund if live events were to deteriorate in health which would ultimately lead to the event being canceled. The compensation fund supports organizers to throw events in a different way than ever before as long as specific measures are met. Currently, the new measures will support organizers hosting events with 5,00 people as long as attendees are seated in the correct format and specific social distancing measures are put in place.

The outlined framework stems from the newly announced Dutch Event Cancellation Fund which provides security and insurance for event organizers who are looking to host an event amidst the pandemic in Amsterdam. Like Amsterdam, France is home to a lot of festivals including Electrobeach, Delta Festival, Download Festival Paris, and Festival de Carcassonne. It is still unclear how France is going to host large-scale festivals in a successful way while putting in place specific measures outlined by the Minister of Culture of the French Republic.

Regardless, France is trying to boost the possibility of summer festivals through its newly outlined frameworks and encouraging event organizers to think outside the box.

Feature Photo – Fabien Genco

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