Fred Again… Premiers Gripping New Track “Jungle” Co-Produced With Four Tet

Fred again’s… latest single “Jungle” is here to bring the same genre-bending sound the artist is known for. According to his social media, “Jungle” was the result of sessions with Kieran Hebden, also known as Four Tet.

The finished product is an unpredictable yet gripping track that sees the pair pushing each other into new musical territory. The tension created in the single builds in a soft and quiet beat laid behind a prominent vocal. But the breakdown in contrast is wildly danceable, likened to the name “Jungle”.

Fred again... has taken the world by storm in 2022. Following a packed performance at Coachella, he’s slated to play huge California festivals like Portola in San Francisco and CRSSD in San Diego. Not to mention his sold-out shows all across America as part of his US tour.

Forbes states about his performances, “The aesthetic of his vibrant set somehow perfectly encapsulated our collective nervous breakdown of the past two years and then set us all free.”

Listen to “Jungle” below:

Featured image provided by Atlantic Records Press

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