Fred again.. Lives Up To The Hype At The Chicago Stop Of His US Tour

Fred again.. has spent the past month on his United States tour hitting major cities such as San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, with many more to come.

With his explosion in popularity, show after show has been completely sold out. As a new coming fan of his music, I was beyond excited when I secured a ticket to his show in Chicago, IL.

The show was held at the Rivieria Theatre located in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The venue is quite old and has hosted many famous artists throughout the years. After being sold out, it has a capacity of around 2,500. 

The show opened with the London-based duo, Joy Anonymous. They brought the vibes as the crowd flooded in and completely set the tone for the remainder of the show.

Fred again.. opened up with “Kyle (i found you)” and immediately connected with the crowd through the soulful lyrics and keyboard tunes.

He later brought out the beat pad which raised the crowd’s energy all over again. Everyone smiled and danced to other hit songs such as Jungle, Turn on the Lights, and Kammy (like i do). Fred again closed the show with Billie (loving arms) otherwise known as an international hug anthem.

Overall, this show was everything I imagined and more. I was glad to be able to attend the event and finally experience these incredible vibes for myself. I don’t believe this will be the last of Fred again as his popularity continues to grow. 

Check out his now-famous Boiler Room set below to get a feel for what to expect at one of his sets:

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