GG Magree Steps Into A New Era Of Pop-Punk On Her Latest EP, ‘Dichotomy’

Who GG Magree was yesterday and who she is today are antithetical. Complete and utter opposites from the other. Two halves that may have never been whole to begin with. Such a split can only be described as a Dichotomy, which is the title of Magree’s brand new EP, out today on Monstercat.

With this new seven-track release, Magree steps into a new era of her artistry. One that unveils and reveals the raw and angsty emotion that’s underpinned her productions since day one. Fans of hers can relax knowing that she hasn’t lost her touch for intricate electronic music, but now it comes pieced together with strained yet cathartic vocals and raging guitar lines.

From the ghostly, gut-wrenching lyricism of the title track, to the hate-filled power-ballad “BITCH,”  to the honest pure emo of “Bloodrush,” Magree offers a look inside her mind like never before with this EP, and it’s almost impossible look away.

“Have you ever seen life in black and white? Most can only see in color. I look up at the moon and only feel the sun. The forks in my veins dualize good and evil. Maybe that’s why I only cry happy tears. Welcome to my dichotomy,” says Magree.

Stream Dichotomy from GG Magree in full below:

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