‘Going Places’ Documentary Highlights The Future of Electronic Music

At this point in time, technology plays an increasingly essential role in our lives including when it comes to music. This week, acclaimed documentary producer Aaron Mostow has released his latest hit Amazon documentary ‘Going Places detailing the integration of technology into electronic music. The documentary takes viewers on a musical journey through the equipment and technology that pushes the boundaries of the music we listen to in order to create new styles, sounds, and experiences. As artists constantly push to take music to the next level, it serves as a reminder that creating new music is a combination of both skill and creative implementation of the latest technology as we head into the future.

The documentary is a captivating take on the creation of the music we often experience only as a finished product. This opens the doors to understanding the passion, work ethic, and composition that goes into creating a track while standing out amongst the other players in the game by using technological advancements that are now so easily accessible. At one point, producers had to purchase a plethora of equipment, utilize a studio, and carry around vinyl records to create a song or play a set. Now, music can be created without a studio and using nothing more than a laptop. But what sets an artist apart from a prerecorded set and a live set?

As a collective, the DJs and artists interviewed believe that the key element is understanding the basics behind the music but even more importantly reading the crowd. In this age, the energy and vibe created at a show (even with a prerecorded set) are essential to taking the crowd to a certain level, maintaining that elevation, and allowing them to get lost in the music. According to DJ Z-Trip, “It’s also about doing it right. Study all the people that came before you, learn how they got to where they got, and figure out a way to emulate that and apply it to your own.” At one time, it was all about the song being played. In the present, it is all about the vibe the DJ creates.

Those that are simply electronic music fans rather than artists will find this documentary fascinating thanks to the creative cinematography and unique approach in describing the electronics behind the electronic music. ‘Going Places’ offers a rare opportunity to look into the minds of the artists that are pioneers in this industry as they break boundaries and create unheard sounds to keep the music fresh and exciting. A better understanding of the instruments, vocals, and beats strategically layered with just the right bass and kick drum develops a new appreciation for the music we love. While we often impatiently await new song releases and the latest track IDs, we often do not understand the work that goes into creating these legendary sounds.

“What I enjoyed most about creating the documentary was capturing the story of each individual artist and their unique perspective. With over 25 years of love for the culture, being able to shine light on music’s evolution was a captivating experience”- Aaron Mostow, ‘Going Places’ Producer

As we head into the future and artists strive to get their music heard, ‘Going Places’ provides further insight into one of the most asked interview questions: “Where is electronic music headed in five years?” With technology, the internet, and social media allowing artists to create tracks faster and showcase their music to more fans, it allows artists to have more control over their careers to get their music onto the playlists of more people than ever before as electronic music becomes a permanent staple in the music world. Per Reid Speed at Play Me Records, “Dance music here to stay, and I think it will continue to become even more woven into the culture as we become more digitized.”

To check out this raw take on the electronic music industry, head to Amazon!

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