Help Us Get Krewella To Give A #EDCLV Shout-Out To a Raver Lost Too Soon!

Every now and again a story comes to us that moves us in more ways than one.  The following story is one that we think could deserve a little bit more attention, and we hope with your help will make a difference.

UPDATE: Looks like Krewella is aware and will be giving him a shout-out! 



In short, Rebecca Braatz from Arizona writes in a Facebook group about the loss of her friend Cameron. Cameron was  supposed to be attending EDC this year but unfortunately lost his life too early. A sad story nonetheless, a extremely positive Rebecca writes “I know you’ll be attending EDC this year, just dressed as my guardian angel.” Just like Rebecca, we know he will be there in spirit. Rebecca is trying to get KREWELLA  (Cameron’s favorite artists) to give him a shout-out during their EDC set. A special moment for someone lost too soon.




If this story moves you as much as it did us, CLICK HERE to tweet out to Krewella and hopefully get their attention. You may also share the link to this article using the “Share” or “Tweet” buttons at the bottom of this post.

Here is Rebecca’s message, in her own words:


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