Grimes Has Petitioned A New Spotify Genre, ‘Ethereal’

Grimes has successfully petitioned a new Spotify genre, ‘ethereal.’

Claire Elise Boucher (better known by her stage name Grimes), conducted a campaign back in 2019 to bring awareness to the music genre ‘ethereal.’ Her petition was recently approved, and to commemorate the successful petition, Spotify is launching a specific ‘ethereal’ playlist which will feature Caroline Polachek, Arca, SOPHIE and others. The playlist runs around 7 hours in total and is described by Grimes as a “dedication to experimentalism with strong elements of pop and universal beauty.”

Grimes initially started the campaign back in 2019 when Grimes created her own ethereal playlist. Since then, she has been advocating for the playlist and others whose current sounds or genres did not quite fit the norms of a playlist or radio. Grimes disclosed to Dazed that,

“We argue that there is a long lineage of auteur artists, often producing their own music and/or directing their own music videos. Often with a heavy visual component and fantasy, sci-fi, or literary elements… often very ethereal, otherworldly, and futuristic in nature. Maybe it isn’t a genre but it might be! What do you think???? It would be cool if there was a home for ethereal music.”

Now, Grimes can proudly state that her petition has been successfully approved and will now be featured on a new Spotify playlist which can be streamed below.

Feature Photo – NME
Source – Dazed Digital

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