GRiZ And Ganja White Night Team Up For ‘Ease Your Mind’

GRiZ and Ganja White Night have released their highly anticipated collaborative track, ‘Ease Your Mind.’

GRiZ and Ganja White Night have gifted us a groovy-filled bass tune that will leave you dancing around your living room in effortless fashion. The song also features an animated music video that is matched to the beat of the music. Both GRiZ and Ganja White Night have emerged as some of the most innovative artists in the community, constantly coming up with new ways to push the barriers of both bass and sound. ‘Ease Your Mind‘ is full of energetic saxophone, synths, and guitar loops; ultimately creating a seamless final product. Fans have always assumed that one-day GRiZ and Ganja White Night would eventually join forces, and now that day is upon us.

Listen to GRiZ and Ganja White Night’sEase Your Mindhere. Watch the music video below:

Feature Photo – Insomniac

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