GRiZ and LSDREAM Drop Experimental Bass Heater “Funkonaut”

GRiZ and LSDREAM just dropped the groovy psychedelic track “Funkonaut” that every basshead has been waiting for.

These are two artists who have taken control of the bass community and paved the road for experimental bass have both perfected their own sound allowing music lovers to dive into the world of no limits.

Both are known for their ability to connect and relate to their fans, and they have decided to finally put out the funky track they have been playing across the country since Space Camp last year, the curated bass event GRiZ put on at the Hampton Coliseum.

Embodying the energy they create between their fans, both genre-bending artists stay focused on pushing the envelope by giving their loyal fans a classic funk track that hits heavy enough to keep you grooving.

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