Burn1’s “Make Me Feel EP” Will Be Your Weekend Jam

After creating “Dat Bounce” on House of Hustle, Miami based tech house producer, Burn1 has teamed up with fellow producers; Takshak, and ODK for his new EP Make Me Feel, a tantalizing two track tech house masterpiece featuring a collaboration between all three. Make Me Feel fuses unique grooving percussion elements with that comforting, pulsing sub bass to dole out a dirty, feel-good jam. Lil Treat illustrates the eternal party with features like swinging drums, far-out bass lines and funky vocals, expanding on the EP’s collective sound.

“Make Me Feel, came from an old project I had started about
2 years ago. I wanted to make a song specifically for House Keepers. That project came to mind because the vocal sample was still catchy to me and the drop elements still stood out. I added a new bass line, played around with the drop sounds and added the synths that play during the intro & break. “

“Lil Treat came to life after one day in the studio with the homies ODK and Takshak. ODK started us off with the bass line & a few drum elements which really drove the whole track. Takshak found the vocal sample and came up with the sounds in the drop. I arranged the track, added a few touches here & there and came up with the idea for the long 2nd break. My vision for this track was to make the arrangement a driving force if you know what I mean. Not the usual intro-break-drop-break-drop-outro format. Just a main driving force for most of the song, one big melodic break after and one more drop to bring it on home. Walker & Royce do that a lot with their music and those guys are my #1 inspiration at the moment”

Burn1 has been consistently releasing dark and flirtatious sounds, and we can expect to hear a lot more from him very soon. Make Me Feel is now out on Orlando, FL based (like me!!) House Keepers Records. I think we can all agree that any Walker & Royce inspired artist promises to bring the heat. Check out these artists on social media below:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Featured photo by: LionForce Media

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