How EDM Makes Life Brighter Outside The Party

EDM is all about energy.

Whether turning the heat up or cooling things down, invoking introspection or inspiring self-expression– and of course, making us move– there’s a beat for every kind of energy imaginable in the world of electronic dance music.

Because of this immense versatility, no other style of music can encompass the full spectrum of human feeling.

“Dance music” can be a misleading label because it inherently brings to mind a party setting, when in reality, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways EDM inspires us.

From maxing reps at the gym to getting lost in creative inspiration to connecting with like-minded people in today’s hectic world, EDM moves us through the flow of daily life in unexpected and beautiful ways. 

People often turn to EDM to feel energized and motivated, especially when it comes to physical movement.

There’s a reason many online trainers and group fitness classes use EDM to set the tone for their workouts. With rhythmic beats and high energy, genres like Bass House, Hard Techno, and Dubstep are perfect for getting hearts pumping and moods elevated.

This makes getting moving easier and it boosts the mind-body connections that make pushing through mental resistance feel much easier. I know I never step into a hard workout without my personally curated “power playlist” stacked with Bass House, Hardstyle, and heavy bass hitters. 

And just as the high-energy genres provide fuel for tackling a challenging workout, mellower genres like Downtempo invite listeners to embrace more gentle movements like yoga and walking.

Music can help us find motivation to pursue all manner of goals. Who hasn’t done a solo-prep talk (or venting session) while blasting their favorite song in the car to prep for a hard day at work or to blow off steam after a tough day at school? Or maybe you just need motivation to get through cleaning the house?

Because EDM genres are so vast and versatile, the right playlist can help a listener get through just about anything.

Dance music also serves as an incredible vector for creative inspiration. Studies exploring music’s effect on the brain show that listening to rhythmic music like techno can help people access the flow state, which is a relaxed yet focused state of consciousness that promotes creative thinking.

Ideas and emotions can flow with more ease in the flow state, and this can help people perform better in many aspects of their daily lives.

Deep House playlists always help me get into a flow when tackling a work project (deadmau5, Bonobo, and ZHU are playing as I write this piece).

Downtempo, Experimental Bass, and Trance often invoke inspiration for artistic projects like painting. RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Joshua Tree set always comes to mind as a perfect example as the visually stunning set serves as inspiration for three pieces of my artwork.

Music is art, and art inspires more art–or at the very least, artistic thinking–aka creativity.

No matter what genre a person prefers to listen to, or if your version of creativity involves art or not, every person can find their muse somewhere in the vast universe of electronic dance music.

Best of all, you might even find yourself feeling creatively inspired in unexpected ways.

From inspiring creativity to getting us through mundane tasks to accompanying us along our adventures, some EDM tracks become a part of our life story.

When I reflect on peak experiences in my life, an EDM track is often present in some way or another. Of course, there are plenty of memories from festivals and raves, but many others have nothing to do with the dancefloor.

Driving through a mist-shrouded mountain pass to Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy on a cross-country road trip. Picnicking on the beach in Florida with Kygo.  Marveling at the Chicago Skyline for the first time as Seven Lion’sSteps of Deep Slumber” sends shivers up and down my arms. Getting lost in a beautiful sunset while John Summit’sLa Danza” nudges me along a cliffside jog at sunset.

Over the years, countless EDM tracks compiled to create a literal soundtrack to my life.

Few things in life have the power to invoke feelings and memories like music does, no matter what the occasion.  When we press play before going on a walk, we might just be setting ourselves up to gain a core memory.

When music takes up such a significant portion of one’s life, it becomes a part of our identity, and this serves as a powerful force for bringing people together.

The EDM community can speak to this with fervor as the core tenants of rave culture were formed by people seeking community when mainstream society denied it to them.

The scene very much still serves this purpose today, and many people use their shared passion for music to connect where there may otherwise not be an opportunity to do so.

Many of my adult friendships grew out of the dance music scene. The community serves as a social base camp when I’ve moved to a new city, and it’s a space I know I can always be myself no matter where I am.

Having a social home base in the EDM community is significant because fostering new friendships as an adult can be challenging, especially in a social climate where communities continue to erode.

When we look past conventional conversations and dig deeper than the surface of what’s popular on social media, we see that electronic dance music can’t be restricted to the realm of partying–or any one space at all for that matter.

With its infinite variety and a reach that spans across cultures, there are no limits to how people can find inspiration through this music.

It can bring strangers together, make us feel in tune with ourselves, inspire a new idea, or make the unassuming moments of daily life feel exceptional–and that’s what ultimately makes the power of music feel magical after all.

Images courtesy of Insomniac

Written by
Federica Brandi

Hi! I'm Federica, I'm a writer, world traveler, and above all, I'm a dance music lover. The communities, culture, history and free expression I've encountered through raving and the world of EDM inspire me to explore the scene far and wide and to share all the stories I encounter along the way. If you see me at a show come say hi and trade kandi!

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