Ibiza Beaches Are In Danger Of Sinking Into The Ocean Due To Climate Change, Study Shows

A new study shared by reputable scientific publisher, Frontiers, has predicted that the beaches of Ibiza may be “permanently lost” due to climate change. The research shows that continued greenhouse gas emissions will lead to rising sea levels and shifting wave patterns that will leave beaches on the Balaeric Islands underwater by the end of the century.

Specifically, 56 – 65% of the Balaeric coastline is at risk under “mean weather conditions,” meaning if weather conditions continue to follow historic trends. However, the percentage at risk rises to 84 – 86% if severe weather conditions occur.

“72 of the 869 beaches of the region would permanently disappear while 314 would be completely flooded during storm episodes,” the study reads.

Without beaches, the famous oceanside venues on Ibiza could no longer operate. The region would lose a vital source of income, and the dance music community would lose one of its most important cultural hotspots.

Thankfully, the music industry is making concerted efforts to combat climate change. For example, many notable musical entities including major labels like Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group recently launched the Music Climate Pact, a commitment to make the industry more sustainable.

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