in waves Is The New Record Label From Lee Burridge And All Day I Dream

Organic house maven, Lee Burridge, has just announced a brand new record label under the All Day I Dream (ADID) umbrella. This new imprint is called in waves and it is taking ADID deeper than its ever gone before.

Where ADID hones in on an outdoor aesthetic, implementing wistful yet groovy soundscapes perfect for the day parties that birthed the label, in waves extends a lifeline for the seasoned listener. Influences of classical and ambient will be a cornerstone of the label’s catalog, offering the opportunity to sit and truly dissect the intuitive elements of each release.

The difference between the two labels can be summed up by their release artwork. ADID features a bespoke cloud in a blue sky on the cover, whereas in waves features a jellyfish submerged in the ocean. One label speaks to the freedom of the open sky. The other asks listeners to go deep and explore the sonics below the surface.

The debut EP from in waves is called Dance of the Wind by Japanese producers Yuichiro Kotani and Hiroyuki Kajino. Together they have produced two tracks that capture world influences in an effortless dance setting. The title track lays classical strings against a floating beat, while “Masquerade In The Desert” combines piano and vocal work to create an authentic eastern wash throughout its near eight minutes.

Stream Dance of the Wind in full below”

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