Interview: ALLEYCVT On Being Yourself And Putting The Damn Song Out

Electronic artist ALLEYCVT has become a common household name in the EDM world, thanks to TikTok. Her contagious personality stole our hearts and her nasty bass drops keep us along for the ride.

Taking a look at her profile, there are production tutorials, random mashups, tips for up-and-coming producers, and really all manner of content. But what unites the content is her authenticity in sharing her true self.

In anticipation of her first headlining tour, we sat down with the artist to learn a little bit more about who ALLEYCVT is:

EDM Maniac: First off, you’ve only been releasing music for a year, but say your journey producing and developing music has been a long one. How did it begin and how has it led you to where you are now as a creative? 

ALLEYCVT: Thanks so much for having me, EDM Maniac! :)Yeah it’s been a really long journey. I’ve been singing ever since I can remember and then was writing & playing guitar when I was 9. Ever since then, I have wanted to be an artist.

I moved to LA about 3 years ago to focus on my artistry, but I struggled with my identity a lot. I couldn’t quite figure out who I was as an artist.

I loved listening to and making all genres of music, so it was hard to identify my sound. I also didn’t really have a brand, so I decided to stop letting my unused songs collect dust on my laptop and focused on songwriting for other people.

I was just doing sessions around LA trying to get placements. It went pretty well and I did that for a little over 2 years, but I really felt like something was missing.

I’ve always loved electronic music, and I had been going to festivals and raves ever since I was 16 with my best friends. However, I was always really intimidated by the thought of producing EDM.

There’s a lot of sound design involved and a lot of elements go into it. I honestly would say it’s a completely different ball game compared to producing in other genres.

When the pandemic first hit and songwriting sessions basically stopped, I was able to just work on myself and study sound design and began to put together some of my first songs as ALLEYCVT. It was a beautiful feeling because the identity aspect just came so naturally, even down to the ALLEYCVT alias.

The first song I ever made was a song called “Planet Supersonic”, I showed it to my friends and they lost their minds. That’s when I was like, wow, I think this is meant to be!

And the rest is history!

EDM Maniac: You’re about to head off on your first tour, The Planet Supersonic Tour, congratulations! What can we expect from this new adventure and career milestone? 

ALLEYCVT: Thank you!!! I am so excited, it’s so surreal to think about! I’ve been working on a ton of new music & flips and I’m going to be working all summer on building an entirely new set for the tour.

I can’t lie though, I’m kind of nervous because it’s my first tour and I honestly have no idea what to expect. I’m really pushing myself to make this tour the best experience I possibly can for the fans.

EDM Maniac: You’ve been a proponent of TikTok, posting casual-style DJ videos and, as a result, blowing up on the platform. Why do you think TikTok is such a great platform for up-and-coming artists?

ALLEYCVT: First and foremost, I believe that showing your personality to your supporters is a huge factor. I think people really appreciate vulnerability and just being a relatable human being.

I also just think it’s an amazing way to showcase your music to people who haven’t heard you before. I get so many comments like “I don’t even listen to EDM but I love this!”, it’s so cool to hear that because some people don’t have friends that are into EDM/bass music, so the fact that TikTok can introduce them to it is awesome.

EDM Maniac: Do you have any advice for newcomers?

ALLEYCVT: I have three mantras that I stand by:

BE YOURSELF!! I know it’s kind of cliche, but they’re cliches for a reason. Don’t try to be like others, and don’t try to be different. The moment you TRY to be different is the moment you miss the mark (one of my favorite artists, Labrinth, said that in an interview once and just stuck with me).

Being fully, authentically yourself is an energy that can’t be replicated, so just trust it.

PUT THE SONG OUT! I sat on music for so long, because I didn’t think it was good enough. There were always issues with the mix, the sounds weren’t right.. always something. My friends had to literally bully me to release “ELECTRIC SHOCK” and that was the song that basically started everything. Of course, I look back at it now and want to change a lot about it, but to me, it’s just a reminder to show how far I’ve come.

Have fun. At the end of the day, we’re just making beep-boop noises that make people dance. It’s not a life or death situation (even though it feels like it sometimes)

EDM Maniac: What’s to come from ALLEYCVT?

ALLEYCVT: A lot of new music. I’m learning new things with every song I make, and my goal is to just get better at producing/writing. Right now I love releasing singles because it gives each song its own moment to shine, but maybe sometime next year I’ll release an EP. I’m just letting my music carry me into whatever awaits me next, and enjoying the ride!

Danielle Levy contributed to this article as well.
Written by
Kaitlyn Katuscak

Katie is currently working as a travel nurse with a specialty in Pediatric ICU but has a deep passion for electronic music. She's been going to festivals since 2017 and loves the free-spirit energy that comes with festivals. Her favorite artists are Zeds Dead and Subtronics. If you see her at a show, please come say hello!

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