Interview: After So Much Hard Work, 2023 Is The Year Of Blossom

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Known for her bright pink hair that contrasts with her hard-hitting UK-inspired sound, producer, DJ, and vocalist Blossom has collected an army of fans.

Famously called the Pinkies, her supporters have followed the Phoenix native all across the country in 2023, a year that has seen massive growth for the impressive artist.

From her first-ever headlining tour to performing all across New Zealand with UKF to diving into her Drum & Blossom project, Blossom has been extremely busy.

We caught up with her just before her intimate performance at The Wall inside AREA15 in Las Vegas to hear how her life has changed during this landmark year:

EDM Maniac: So we last spoke to you a little over a year ago at Beyond Wonderland and my first-ever interview with EDM Maniac. How has life changed since then? 

Blossom: Life has changed so much since then. I made the move three weeks ago to New York from Arizona and I’m now working out of my new studio in Brooklyn, which I just love.

I also think my music has changed a lot since we last talked. I’m really developing a moodier sound and have really leaned into more drum & bass in the past year or so.

EDM Maniac: How would you compare the New York scene versus the Arizona scene?

Blossom: I can’t say anything bad about the Arizona scene. It’s where I got my start and I’m so grateful, but I think for me, in terms of wanting to level up my production and just random opportunities, New York is a good spot at this point in my career.

Last week I got to go back to back with Night Punk, Wave Dash, and Saka on the same school bus that Skrillex, Four Tet, and Fred again.. played on.

It just happened because we were all at a show on Sunday and a friend of a friend runs the whole thing and he was like, “Do you guys want to play on it?” Those kinds of opportunities just don’t happen as much in Arizona.

Life is happening here. I feel like I go outside, take a walk, and get inspiration. It’s nice to have new inspiration.

EDM Maniac: You’ve also been embracing the UK sound with your first UK Garage track “Ride 4 U” and your Drum & Blossom sets. 

Blossom: Ya! Up until March I had done them only online. Then I got the opportunity to tour with UKF in New Zealand, which was just such a surreal experience to get to tour with such a legendary label there with drum & bass.

From there I played my first US-based drum & bass show, and this past summer in Alabama I did a stage takeover. I have another one coming up in November at Home Bass with Pendulum which I can’t even believe is happening.

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EDM Maniac: I’ve also been seeing you sing and create your own vocals more on your socials. How does singing your own vocals affect your production process? 

Blossom: You know, I’ve always sang on my stuff starting with my first Night Bass EP, but those were more spoken word. And then in 2019 or 2020 I started to sing, but I wasn’t a confident singer until I’d say the past year or so when I’ve really tried to focus on my singing skills.

For me, when I write a song I need a vocal and I think I just got tired of using samples or not being able to write because I couldn’t find anything. And then I thought, “I really love to write and I love singing. So I’m not the best singer in the world, but I love to do it.”

It’s so fun to be able to execute my full vision from production to singing and just bring it all together.

EDM Maniac: You’ll be headlining AREA15’s, intimate space, The Wall, this month. Are you excited to play up close and personal with your fans?

Blossom: Yeah, it’s really special to be able to play a show in Vegas. This is my first time playing my own solo show there.

I personally really love a smaller crowd. I enjoy the packed out space where I can show off a little bit and it challenges me to perform more interesting mixes.

I think we’ve seen a pattern of DJs not wanting to be on stage anymore and wanting to do the 360 set and there’s a reason for that. You feel the energy so much better and sometimes when I’m so far on the stage I get so in the zone, I feel like I have tunnel vision.

I can’t even see what people like. I’m just executing the mix so it’s really nice for a change to get to be close to an audience and feel their energy. I think that really positively impacts the way I mix.

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EDM Maniac: You’re currently on your Cosmic Dreams tour and you also completed your first-ever headlining tour earlier this year. What has it been like touring across the country as a headliner versus a supporting act?

Blossom: Before you called, I was just thinking, I can’t believe I get to do this all day. I have nowhere to be, I just have to work on music and then this weekend I get to go play shows.

I just can’t believe that this is my life sometimes. To be on my second headline tour in a year could bring me to tears.

It’s really special that no matter how many people show up to the show, all of those people showed up because they want to see what I’m doing. In my support gigs, I’m really going there to show people who I am and now they know who I am.

I just get to mess around a lot more than if I was supporting another act.

EDM Maniac: You recently had your biggest headline show yet at Exchange. What was it like playing for such a huge crowd just there for you?

Blossom: I was so anxious the week before that I would wake up with these nightmares that no one came! It’s such a big venue, I didn’t know how we were going to do but it was great. So many people showed up and even dressed in pink.

It was just really special to get to play there as I’ve been playing at Exchange for five to six years as the support or the closer but never on my own.

I had such a good team out there. My manager flew in from London and I got to meet him for the first time in person. He’s never seen a Blossom set [live] so he was excited to get to be part of the action.

My team really understands me and the project and my vision and I just know that even if I’m not communicating with them, they’re working on things that they know I’m going to be excited about.

EDM Maniac: You’ve been grinding for over seven and a half years and it seems like you’ve been skyrocketing in the last year. What would you say has contributed to your recent success?

Blossom: It takes a lot of sheer willpower to push through all of the peaks and troughs. Sometimes the way you succeed is just lasting through it longer than everyone else, which is not a great tip.

But during the pandemic, I feel lucky that I was able to build a Twitch community, and constantly evolving my sound also helped, whether it’s exploring D&B or UKG, it just keeps my audience interested.

Plus just having a team that really believes in me and is really excited about what I’m doing, that’s changed the game.


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