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Interview: Get Inside The Mind Of KHIVA On Her Latest EP ‘Phantom Forces’

Born in Nova Scotia, but now based out of New York City, Jessica Le Couteur, better known as KHIVA, has a way about her that is magnetic. “Requiem For a Dream, or maybe, the soundtrack to your deepest darkest dream, a velvet carnival covered in thorns,” was how she replied to us when asking her to describe her sound.

keeping her head in the clouds and feet on the ground at the same time, Le Couteur proves she is taking on life full force with her potent, dark, emotion-forward newest EP Phantom Forces.

Low-frequency soundscapes, fierce beats, and a contrasting ethereal nature provide a blueprint for KHIVA, a multifaceted producer and vocalist who paints a vivid dreamscape through haunting and metaphorical lyrical stylings. 

Dive deeper into her newest EP and what makes the rising multi-talented producer, KHIVA, so captivating with our extensive interview below.

EDM Maniac: Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic on-the-go life right now to talk with us, it is so good to hear you are in your right element right now. So music is your life, yeah? When did you first realize your love for electronic music?

KHIVA: At Shambhala music festival when my life was blasted into its latest divine direction by a wall of PKs. The rest is truly history! I feel like my intrigue, fascination, and passion for electronic music evolves and takes on a new form all the time, it’s a limitless world.

EDM Maniac: That sounds epic, Shambhala is the perfect place to do some soul understanding. That is one of the most beautiful parts about electronic music is that it is evergreen, with a constant flow and multiple realms. So how old were you when you started producing?

KHIVA: I was 22!

EDM Maniac: So since then your life has revolved around music, but do you have any other loves or hobbies you enjoy?

KHIVA: I’d say my yogic, everything I do kind of all ties together, but I do just love to explore and other things tend to revolve around those too. My life is my favorite hobby. I love just finding my flows and balance where ever I am at the time.

EDM Maniac: Your connection with yourself is inspiring. Your flow has ultimately led you to the creation of your latest EP Phantom Force. Can you tell me a little bit about the making of it and what inspired you throughout the process?

KHIVA: Truly the phantom forces themselves. The powers that push and pull one’s will, the weight they carry, and how they gain traction. The entities that are created by our quantum movements.

EDM Maniac: By going through this journey yourself, you’ve been able to Create a journey through sound. What feelings overcome you when you are listening to and performing the EP?

KHIVA: For me to listen and perform these songs, especially after it’s become a full body and not just an individual track, I feel a sense of opposing forces making peace and realizing they’ve always been one. 

EDM Maniac:  We are so excited to follow your journey through expression. Thank you so much for diving a little deeper into what makes you such a passionate artist, before we depart ways is there anything else you’d like to share?

KHIVA: It’s been a pleasure getting to share my journey and the hype and energy I have within my life right now, thank you guys so much. There is always something to look forward to!

I’ve got a slew of really amazing shows until the end of the year that I feel are going to be the perfect platforms for my latest visions. They will feature some great artists and friends. Honestly, I’m just feeling very happy and blessed.

Artistically there is always something in the works on so many levels and it’s just amazing to be able to continue to watch it all swirl together in the pot. I’m truly always looking forward to tomorrow morning’s coffee!

Stream “Phantom Forces” here now

Written by
Emily Harvey

Aspiring Florida Journalist/Photographer enjoying the world and all the music it has to offer.

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