Interview: Vasil Vingas On His Dreamy Turkish & Greek-Inspired Sound

The sounds of Vasil Vingas are just as dreamy and exotic as the landscapes of Greece, Switzerland, and Turkey, and he has roots in all these places.

Vingas has been in the electronic scene for over five years and is inspired by his emotions and love for punchy rhythms. His style is smooth, organic house, and features intricate details and melancholy energy.

But post-pandemic, Vingas is now shifting towards a more melodic sound with his new track “I Won’t Let You Go.” Written and sung by the talented producer, it’s a gorgeous piece filled with painful emotions and beautiful instrumentals.

We sat down with Vasil Vingas to talk with him about how his international upbringing inspired his sound, why he took a break during the pandemic, and how he’s back and better than ever.

EDM Maniac: First things first, you began your music education at the age of 12, but how did you get started DJing and producing?

Vasil Vingas: My brother pushed me once he started taking DJ lessons, but I wasn’t interested at the beginning because I was studying and I didn’t have much time. When I took a few lessons I really got into it and got quite addicted to it.

I had a friend who was managing a club in Istanbul and I asked him if I could play and he invited me to a Sunday event. He was impressed because I’m a perfectionist so I took six months of lessons and practiced quite a lot. Then he invited me to play again at a warmup gig with Luca Musto.

EDM Maniac: You began your DJ education at the age of 20 through the Istanbul DJ Academy. What’s something you learned there that you still use today?

Vasil Vingas: They taught me to use my ears instead of visual cues. They would cover the visual clues with papers to make me use just my ears.

It helps because there are some unexpected mixes that I’m able to work with better or when there’s an issue and I can’t see visually it helps me a lot. It has saved me quite a lot during live sets.

EDM Maniac:  You’re both Greek and Swiss but live in Istanbul. How do you think this international upbringing has shaped your music?

Vasil Vingas: I’m in an Eastern country and we hear the Eastern melodies all around when they pray. I would also listen to Greek songs in the car with my mom and the roots of the music is very upbeat and fun.

But another important aspect was when I started playing guitar and rock and heavy metal, so I’ve had a lot of influences in my life. That led me into organic music, because I was quite against the electronic and more into the acoustic instruments, but then I found organic house.

I enjoy the emotional side of music. Turkish culture is very emotional so you can hear everything like anger or happiness at the extremes. Organic house was super popular where I am, but through time, my genre has changed to more melodic house. I even had an Afro House period and I’m starting to explore Indie house more.

EDM Maniac: You took a break during the pandemic and are now back producing. What made you take a break and what made you come back?

Vasil Vingas: I was quite overwhelmed with everything because just before the pandemic, I was doing so much stuff and trying to perfect so much. I was taking piano lessons and going to the gym and producing and working in a company. All of it together was overwhelming so I stopped everything for a few months once the pandemic started.

I took my time because I knew I would come back, but with no clubs or shows it made me feel a bit hopeless. I started with DJing and then I felt why I was doing this and why I enjoy music.

I don’t plan on leaving anymore. I’m doing music because I love it at the end of the day. I’m not forcing myself and when I started again, it was when I wanted to not because I had to.

EDM Maniac: You have a new track out called “I Won’t Let You Go.” What can fans expect from this new song and has your sound changed at all?

Vasil Vingas: This track I started working on at a sad time quite long ago. It was during the pandemic when everything made me feel depressed. The lyrics I wrote myself and sang myself.

My past two releases were more Afro House because it was during my Afro House period so the new track has some of those percussions, but it’s more melodic house.

EDM Maniac: I understand you have some big things coming in 2023, what can we expect?

Vasil Vingas: I have a few collabs and a few remixes coming up. I’m hoping to send some remix tracks out as well. I feel that I’m well equipped from a production side and my music has evolved. I’m super happy with the new tracks I’m working on. I’m hoping to do an EP, but right now I mostly have singles.

I have one super big collab out around the second quarter of 2023 I’m super excited about! The track is almost complete and I’m still listening to it and still love it.

Check out Vasil Vingas on Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

All images provided by Vasil Vingas and team

Written by
Danielle Levy

Danielle Levy is an MBA with a concentration in Corporate Social Responsibility. Danielle has several years of experience in the sustainability education world and has held various positions in human resources and intern management. Danielle is passionate about the ties between sustainability and social impact.

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