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Music, Fashion, and Bottled Water: Interview with Anabel Englund

Exclusive Interview with Anabel Englund at HARD Summer 2021

Singer/songwriter and DJ, Anabel Englund, strikes again with her fourth #1 song on U.S. dance music radio, “Waiting For You“. Her other #1 hits include “Underwater” with MK and “Picture Us“. She has taken flight over the years with her distinct vocals and her irresistible charm. In 2020, Anabel was nominated “Dance Artist of the Year” by iHeart Music and has graced stages across the globe since then. This year, we were able to catch Anabel’s set at HARD Summer and chat afterward.

Anabel Englund’s Picture Us Cover


EDM Maniac: Thanks for sitting with me today! How are you doing?

Anabel Englund: I’m doing really good. It’s so hot outside, but it’s so amazing seeing everyone together at a festival like this. It’s incredible.

EDM Maniac: Yeah, and you just got off stage not too long ago. How was that?

Anabel Englund: That was so fun. I’m a quarantine DJ. So like, I had never really played for huge crowds of 1000s of people. I really was only used to playing to a little webcam basically. I mean, singing I can sing. Anytime, anywhere, any stage, like, I don’t get nervous for that. But like, going back to shows and DJing was kind of nerve-racking for me. But honestly, the more shows I’ve been doing, the more in my element I feel on this. I’ve been doing shows for a while now, after quarantine. And honestly, this show was so much fun. And the crowd was so receiving and knew so many words to my songs. And it was just so amazing.

Anabel Englund

EDM Maniac: That’s awesome. And you also just released your new music video with Yotto for your song “Waiting For You”! It’s also number one! Congratulations! How was your experience with working with Yotto?

Anabel Englund: It was really fun. It was my first time meeting him. We got together for a Coachella writing camp. So basically, it was Coachella. My label did a writing camp where all the artists who were in town could come together and write music, and they put me with Yotto and another co-writer. It was so fun. He was super kind and nice and talented. And we made the song “Waiting For You”. It’s not the kind of music that I normally put out. But it’s just so gorgeous and ethereal. I feel like it’s such a special song and I love the music video. It’s not super fast-paced, but it’s more about, waiting for your higher self to show up. It’s more of a spiritual vibe.

EDM Maniac: How did the song come about? Was that vibe what you were aiming for?

Anabel Englund: A lot of the time when I work with producers who I haven’t met before, I kind of see what they have. So a lot of the time they’ll prepare a loop or some type of vibe so that when I show up, they’ll be like, ‘Which one do you like? This versus this.’ And we’ll kind of listen to their music. And he played that little loop of “Waiting For You” and I was like, I think this is the one that I really love. Like I want to write to this. So that’s kind of how it started.”

Anabel Englund

EDM Maniac: You mix your sets with your live vocals. Did you always want to incorporate your vocals into your DJing?

Anabel Englund: I personally love it because I’m able to just commandeer the vibe. Some of my music is really hard bangers but then a lot of it is also like “Waiting For You” or “Don’t Say Goodbye” and “Boogie All Night”. That’s more chill and vibey and like dancey. So for me, I love taking my sets on a journey and starting off one way and kind of just using my music as the bones of the set and then filling it in with songs that I just absolutely love. So it’s really fun to create that.”

EDM Maniac: That’s beautifully put. I like that! And your style is very disco glamour. What’s your inspiration for that?

Anabel Englund: I honestly love matching things that aren’t really supposed to be worn together. Like I love combining patterns and colors. And I love using certain stylists that know the aesthetic I’m going for. Like today, a stylist named Tatyana Wiseman I think styled me and she just totally knew the vibe. It’s neon with purple with jean shoes and green sunglasses. I just really love doing something different.”

Anabel Englund in Puerto Rico by Alia Alvarez

EDM Maniac: It all works really well together! What is your favorite song that you produced on your Deluxe album, Messing With Magic?

Anabel Englund: Honestly, I can’t say what my favorite one is. Just off the top of my head when I made “Underwater”, that is such a powerful song for me. It took us maybe three hours to create. I was just like, I love this song. I knew in my heart I had something that’s so special right now. And we put it out and it did well on Spotify. It just it surpassed 10 million streams a month ago or so. But it also was a Billboard number one… And just to get the recognition– I wasn’t aiming for that. But to know that the song that I felt was so powerful became a Billboard number one and a US dance radio number one was incredible. And “Don’t Say Goodbye” is a really special one to me, because it’s more pop leaning. I wrote it about my grandma. I just wrote it about seeing people like towards the end and not wanting to say goodbye, but also knowing the way that life happens. And using the relationships as integral parts of your life. Just kind of going with the flow of the way life is.

EDM Maniac: That is so special. I can tell you have a lot of sentimental value for that song. And when you aren’t performning, do you go see other artists?

Anabel Englund: I’m actually really bad at that. I don’t see other artists at all.When I’m not performing, I’m either with my family or best friends. I’m at home, you know, either having a dance party with them or ordering Postmates and literally watching movies. I just love being with my family as friends. So anytime I can do that when I’m not on the road, that’s what I’m going to be doing. That’s like the main important thing for me.

Anabel Englund in “So Hot” Music Video

EDM Maniac: So do you have a festie bestie?

Anabel Englund: I kind of do! Well, my brother’s my festie bestie because he is such an extrovert. And obviously when I’m performing I’m a super extrovert, but like, he is an actual extrovert. He makes friends with everyone. It’s just amazing. I love having him around. Yeah, he sang on my set today. I like to bring him with me and sing songs and stuff like that.

EDM Maniac: So that’s awesome. You guys should make a song!

Anabel Englund: I know. Well, we’ve made a few actually! We just need to kind of put them out.

Anabel and Jackson Englund by Rukes

EDM Maniac: Oh, no way! We definitely will be looking forward to hearing those one day. Do you have any other special projects you’re working on now?

Anabel Englund: I have a single that’s gonna come out at the end of August. I think? Or early September. I think it’s in August. But I’m so excited about it… It’s a retake on a cover. It’s a cover retake? Rewrite? I don’t know. But it’s called “Rapture”.

EDM Maniac: Would you please tell us three fun facts that your fans may not know about you?

Anabel Englund: Fun Facts! One of my favorite movies is the Count of Monte Cristo, which is honestly so lame. I love finding the best type of water to drink.

EDM Maniac: What’s your favorite? And what’s the worst water?

Anabel Englund: Well, mountain valley spring waters definitely like up there. The worst water t is like Desani or something like that. Just plastic bottled water. Like even if it says pH balance it’s not. It’s just all lies. So I love drinking water out of glass bottles. Like it’s just the tastiest. And I guess another fact about me is that I’m sober.

EDM Maniac: Congratulations on that!

Anabel Englund: Thank you.

Anabel Englund by Paige Strabala

EDM Maniac: If you could say one thing to your fans right now, what would that be?

Anabel Englund: I would say do the thing that you’re afraid of and just f*cking go for it.

EDM Maniac: Awesome. Well, thank you again for chatting with me!


Listen to Anabel Englund’s Deluxe album, Messing With Magic below!

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