Introducing PartyMate, A New App To Make Party Planning Easier Than Ever

PartyMate is a new app that aggregates all the venues and events in some of the world’s biggest cities into one convenient feed. Users can create their own profile where they list which events they are attending, making it easy to see what friends have planned for the weekend.
To search for parties and events, users start by selecting different cities making it easy to find things to do in your hometown or plan vacations in advance. The app is based in Germany, so as of now most cities are European such as London, Mykonos, Amsterdam and Ibiza.
Miami and Las Vegas are currently the two US cities on the app, with African and Asian cities like Cairo and Dubai on the list as well. Referring to the long list of major party cities currently absent, developers are “working 24/7 to integrate parties in your city.”
For promoters, there is PartyMate business which provides key analytics to measure the success of events. There are also logistical services such as COVID-19 check-in and the seamless transfer of information and content to social platforms like Facebook.
“PartyMate is here to revolutionize the party experience. It gives users a brand new App for their personal nightlife and gives them the chance to see what friends are up to. Promoters and hosts also gain an all-in-one platform for precise event marketing, AI-backed analytics, VIP services and many more. It is a simple, easy-to-use solution to many nightlife issues, right int the palm of your hand,” says PartyMate CEO Niklas von Weihe.
PartyMate is available to download now on the App Store  and Google Play.
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