Irish Electronic Artists To Speak On Panel On Importance Of Nightlife In Culture

This week at the Irish Embassy in Berlin, several Irish DJs and electronic music artists will come together to speak on a panel about the importance of club culture and electronic music.

The panel will take place on September 1 and host prominent international artists Sunil Sharpe, Cormac, and ELLLL, who will discuss the electronic music industry and how it has been ingrained in the Irish culture.

Ireland’s nightlife has contributed greatly to its economy, as well as created safe spaces for marginalized communities and formed a connection between Ireland and Germany.

Sunil Sharpe said, “Governments are generally very selective about what passes as being culturally relevant. The pandemic, though, forced many to have to listen to communities like ours more, and in many cases to accept that club culture and electronic music are as valid career pursuits as any other art form.”

Flyer from ELLLL, featured image from Sunil Sharpe credit Eoin Donovan

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