JEANIE Takes Our Souls With Her New ‘Devil Dance’ EP for Bassrush Records

The L.A-based dubstep queen, JEANIE, just released a new four-track EP titled Devil Dance with Bassrush Records. This EP includes some top-notch snares and chopping that will leave you with a broken neck and have you making some nasty bass faces. The first track of Devil Dance, “From My Grave” featuring TINYKVT, starts the EP off with entrancing and melodic lyrics and rumbling bass that will leave you hypnotized and unable to step away from the EP.

The other three tracks in Devil Dance include “Devil’s Work”, “Lunatic”, and “Busted Brains”. Each of JEANIE’s songs has a hard-hitting baseline and unique demon-like sounds that will make you feel like you are being possessed by ghosts of dubstep. This EP is a bass-lovers dream and a great group of songs to listen to if you are in the mood to rage.

Devil Dance is JEANIE’s second EP and her first release with Bassrush. The up-and-coming dubstep producer states how ecstatic she is for this new project saying, “After almost a year of perfecting this project, I am so excited to finally be releasing the Devil Dance EP. The Bassrush team is always such a pleasure to work with, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect home for this release.”

Listen to Devil Dance here.

Image from Sam Yu

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