Thanks for your interest in joining our squad. We have a few INTERN/PAID OPPORTUNITIES open at EDM Maniac! For writing positions, please email your resume and recent writing sample to:

-(1) part time video interns/editors
-(2) editorial writers
-(1) part time meme master
-(2) news writers/interns/ shifts: 8am-12pm and 12-4pm (Monday-Friday)

The ideal candidates must be able to commit 10-15 hours/ week to strategizing, conceptualizing and curating online content. We are not your average EDM blog, and take a ton of pride in that.

Thoughtful, inspiring and top-tier content is what we are all about.

Compensation Packages:
The intern positions are from now till end of March 2018, unless otherwise mentioned. We are able to offer college credit.
Every role requires at least 10-15 hours a week.
We’re happy to compensate you with club/festival passes (depending on your assignment), a discount hotel (depending on the event), a small festival travel stipend, full credit on your work on and of course the countless amount of experience you’ll get for working with a publication like ours.

More about the writing opportunities:

• Create high-quality original blog posts for EDM Maniac (Each between 300+ words)

• Pitch story ideas for feature pieces

• Reach out to social media influencers for collaborating and maximum exposure

• Create meaningful and thoughtful content that aligns with the EDM Maniac brand

The ideal candidates will have:

• Passion for and knowledge of the dance music industry

• A strong knowledge of social media platforms and how they operate

• Excellent writing skills

• Ability to problem solve and meet deadlines

• Strong professional communication skills

• Warm, enthusiastic personality

• Creative vision

• Prior blogging experience is a plus, but not required if your personality and social media presence kicks ass.

*Candidates must not have any current ties with any other blogs/affiliations.

More about the meme master:

We’re living in a time of incredible digital media, and memes have become sacred and globally recognized cultural phenomenons.

To explain a meme, is to destroy it. And the beauty of a meme is the relentless effortless to convey both the obvious and sometimes not-so obvious.

Memes have become a huge part of our culture and community, which is why we’re looking for someone to help curate viral, interesting and engaging memes. Yes, you read that correctly. In short, we’re looking for someone to:

• Create high-quality original and viral content, utilizing various forms of media (we like gif’s!)

• Help grow our social media following by effectively utilizing metrics to identify perfect meme opportunities

• Create the “next generation of memes” by creatively using digital media and social media tools

The ideal candidates will have:

• Ability to think fast, and recognize emerging trends

• Ability to reach out to social media influencers for collaborating and maximum exposure

• Ability to effortlessly convey lighthearted and culturally-releveant topics

• A creative, and strong visual eye

• Be a forward thinker, boundary-pusher and have an exceptionally funny personality

• The ability to perfectly match EDM Maniac’s digital voice, and adhere to EDM Maniac’s visual guidelines

• A well-versed understanding of all social media networks, features and tools

• An unparalleled passion for dance music culture

To apply: drop us a note to Let us know about who you are as a person, and be sure to tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for this really unique opportunity.

Please send us: (2) examples of memes you find funny (and explain why you think they’re funny) and also send us (2) of your own memes!